The Bravado of Success from a site visitor

You're not to break the mold;

To do what you've been told;

The plan will work if you work it,

You're told to use the tools;

If not-you're labeled " fools";

The future's bright-believe it,

You have your lists to make;

You are sincere-not fake;

Let your dreams fuel your passions.

But in this twist of fate-

the queries cannot wait-

I've had my fill of rations....

Why oh why, does bravado drape the walls of success as thunderheads upon the sky? The realism of the world in view compromises the sincerity of "Hi!".

"Do what I say and not what I do" is shrouded with a smile.

The faith of promises killed in action, march in a single file.

Silence and conformity.

Whispers of impropriety.

Misuse of authority. "We wish the best for you!"

Seize responsibility.

Judge your integrity.

Question sexuality. "We'll show you what to do!"

Justify deficiency.

Streamline democracy.

Quell negativity. All is not what it would seem.

Cloak of amnesty.

Pressure for the guilty.

Is this a part of me? "Welcome to the team!"

Why oh why, does bravado stain the halls of success? The writing's on the wall.

It's a different price to pay; a greater distance I risk to fall.

I've known fallen angels like myself, trying to play this game.

Building pretty walls for protection, alas- they died in vain.

I'm not looking to break the mold.

Just confirm what I've been told.

My plan will work- I'm sure.

Duplication is flattery- this is true.

Not just robots without a clue.

But a heart with honor that's pure.

I'm starting at square one.

Doing what needs to be done.

I'm alert-looking for a sign.

I shan't build "pretty walls".

Join me if you've got the balls.

Together we'll claim what is yours and what is mine !


It should be noted that this piece was written without reading any negative information about Amway/Quixtar or any large organization which utilizes IBOs. Its sole content is based purely on silent observation. No inquiries were made from me to anyone in or out of the business. I believe the business has the potential for personal success based on the individual's own beliefs and not anyone elses. I also believe it is not the business but rather how you conduct your business which is in question. You may have heard " Never tell anyone anything illegal, immoral or unethical". That also means never personally practice it. When you compromise your values and others, you may influence their attitudes for the rest of their life. Be responsible for your words , actions, and deeds.


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