Books Critical of Amway/Quixtar

Through Rose Coloured Glasses
by Amway Emerald Ruth Salway

ISBN-10: 1905529589

ISBN-13: 978-1905529582

Merchants of Deception
by Amway/Quixtar Emerald Eric Scheibeler



Amway - The Cult of Free Enterprise
by Steve Butterfield

ISBN 0-89608-253-9 1985

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Follow the Bouncing Guru
Confessions of a former Amway/Quixtar Diamond

by Al LeBlanc (E-book)

The purpose of this book is not to attack or destroy any particular individual. To the contrary; I continue to be fond of a good many people who probably perceive me as a traitor to this day.

The book is no longer for sale but you can download a copy here.

Behind the Smoke and Mirrors

By Ruth Carter
ISBN 0-9671070-2-4 1999

Fake It Til You Make It
by Phil Kerns

fakeit.jpg (4637 bytes)ISBN 0-9609908-0-1 1982

Victory Press Carlton, OR 97111

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The book as web page in .html  182K  


Combating Cult Mind Control
by Steven Hassan

ISBN 0892813113

"I just finished reading a book by Steven Hassan called Combating Cult Mind Control. I used a yellow highlighter on everything that was identical to AQMO's in this book, and nearly every section on the Moonies is yellow!! The Moonies even teach how to break down people into 4 types, so they can use more appropriate leading language (p. 41) to recruit new Moonies (sound familiar?)! I was appalled when I finished the book, to think I'd have joined the Moonies if they'd called me first! Anyway, it is an excellent read for those asking themselves how in the world did I get sucked into this mess in the first place, how could I spend all this money, and how could I keep on doing it for so long, even to the point of destroying my family? Very, very enlightening." Former distributor, site visitor

Ain't it great? A look inside Amway
by John Andrews

(E-book $4.95, Paperback about $14.00)

False Profits
by Robert L. Fitzpatrick

(E-book $4.95, Paperback about $14.00)

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