"I'll show it to anybody if I believe in it...You will show it to anybody if you believe in it." Diamond Distributor - Billy Florence Tape: "Building Your Network with Posture" DBR434

"If there are a lot people out here right now that you are working your butt off, and you are saying "Ok Rocky I'm showing the plan 5-6 nights a week. I'm meeting people. I'm calling people, but I'm not getting the results I want". Your work ethic is right, but your thinking stinks. You got Stinking Thinking!"
Diamond Distributor - Rocky Convington-Tape: BPB-201

Just as Mr. Covington describes above, our relentless hero, Wile E. Coyote has a similar dilemma. The hard working Road-Runner chaser, only falls to his demise after he realizes he's defied gravity. If only our hero truly believed he could defy gravity, he would forever be the master of gravity and catch the Road-Runner, which is his life time dream.

Belief is the cornerstone of the Amway/Quixtar business. It turns the dream into action. When the belief is lost, the impetus for action is lost.

Many different diamond distributors express repeatedly; that belief is the one critical thing needed to be successful in the Amway Quixtar business. Different diamonds have strategies for instilling belief.

Organizations like the WorldWide Dream builders run by Ron Puryear and Greg Duncan use the technical approach to explain why the business makes sense. Once you believe it has good business characteristics, you will be willing to show it to others. Their business propositions and the inherent business inefficiencies are exposed in this site.

"So does this business make good economic sense?. ....When you understand that and believe that, you're not gonna have any trouble sharing this business with people." Triple-Diamond-Ron Puryear-Cassette Tape- "Basics of the business" RP681

"We have created a marketing business that is so efficient ...", "Network Marketing is the most focused, most efficient way to market, that you will ever run into in your entire life." Double Diamond-Greg Duncan-tape: "EDC Attitude" RP419

The Yager organization instills belief by using "faith". There is no need for any "technical analysis". If the dream is big enough you can do it too. Others have done it successfully. You have everything they have so why can't you? Much of the Yager business is concentrated in the US Bible Belt. The "faith" strategy appears to work well with religious people. This is really nothing more than group psychology and the dynamics of crowds. If a business is built fast enough, the psychological momentum will carry the charismatic leader to the top. This is of course before the critical mass of unprofitable businesses beneath him run out of faith and quit. That is why so many IBOs fall out of qualification for their highest pin.

"The only way you can do the business is on faith" Executive Diamond Louie Carrillo - Tape: "Forks in the Road" DBR767

"I remember dealing in faith. I dealt in faith. I just hoped it would work. We were going so hard I just hoped it would work for us." Diamond Distributor Marshall and Dianne Douglas Tape: "Noah Built his Own Ark" GCS159

"The first step in believing, is wanting to believe....You don't necessarily have to have faith right now, maybe you just have some hope" Diamond Distributor - Mike Jakubik - Tape They were you" SOT573:

Executive Diamond distributor, Louie Carrillo, notes that those that do try to find out technical reasons why the business works will be terribly handicapped when trying to do the business.

"You guys that need proof...have a hard time in this thing man. Psychoanalyze, analyze, try to figure out every single thing as you walk your walk....chhha.... You are in trouble already friend. There ain't a diamond back there and there ain't a diamond in that book that didn't walk on by faith alone on his belief." Executive Diamond Louie Carrillo Tape: "Every Dream has its price" DBR1151

From my own experience, I know this is true. The Florence organization introduced the business to me as a better way to distribute goods and services. The "better way" supposedly reduced costs. It allowed distributors to make money showing others how to save money on commodities they buy everyday. That was a fantastic idea! That is was what first led me to believe the business was viable. I wanted to make sure it was the new revolution in the distribution of goods. I didn't want to go off half cocked and then be wrong. Like Ronald Reagan said, "trust yet verify". I wanted to be prepared for objections and eventual tests. Doing my due diligence I found the truth.

If all I was told were true, my belief in the business would have been tremendous. There would have been nothing stopping me from promoting it. The following comment form Executive Diamond Louie Carrillo actually gave the idea for this page.

"You'd be a terror for sure if YOU BELIEVED. I'd say diamond material." E-mail from Executive Diamond Louie Carrillo to me.

Why is belief so important in this business then? Executive Diamond Distributor Billy Florence and a few others sum it up nicely.

"My belief… that determines my posture."

"When you talk to somebody about this program. They don't really hear the words you say. What they hear is your attitude coming across. They don't hear your words, what they hear is your attitude. And, your attitude is determined by your self-image, your commitment, your belief, and your experience. "

"There is just a certain thing about somebody who believes in what they are doing."

"You got to be moving and you got to have that little spark....". Diamond Distributor - Billy Florence Tape: "Building Your Network with Posture" DBR434

"He must have gotten in on excitement. That was it". Executive Diamond Louie Carrillo - Tape: "Forks in the Road" DBR767

"Its your belief, your excitement your enthusiasm that sponsors people." Triple Diamond-Ron Puryear Tape: "Basics of the business" RP681

"You must be an absolutely determined person. You must have unwavering belief that if anybody every hit those profiles, you are looking at another one". Diamond Distributor-Marshall Douglas-Tape: "Noah Built his own Ark" GCS159

I knew I could not be excited about the business when my price study on a diversified basket of goods had just shown a 40% price premium over discount stores. I also know I can't get excited about the business even if a few people do very well at it, and the majority are losing money at it. In the end the business is also very inefficient at distribution. That is proven in other pages on this site. I am pretty sure people are spending more money to promote Amway Quixtar products on the whole than they ever receive in bonuses from Amway Quixtar. I know there is money to be made on tapes and seminars. I couldn't get excited about that since it is based upon deceiving people to believe the Amway Quixtar is the profitable business. . I know that if I am not excited, it will not rub off on other people as well. All the diamonds quoted here confirm this.

"When you get that belief....When you get that belief you can tear it up. And when you don't, if you don't believe in what you are doing then .. then I don't believe you will be able to influence many people what you got is good. Diamond Distributor - Billy Florence Tape: "Building Your Network with Posture" DBR434

"Learn how to develop the concept of being able to put the belief in the people that you sponsor, that they can make it. As long as they believe they can make it, they will." Diamond Distributor Randy Haugen Tape: "Driving Width" SOT279

"I believe that if you will make money, you will motivate the socks off of you and your wife...If you make money it would take on a whole different aspect.....A lot of times your organization sits and looks at you, and you could have a big organization but if its all in one leg and you are not making the money that you think you ought to be making. Then after a period of time they may loose the edge in running to get what you got for how long that you did it to only have that " Diamond Distributor Randy Haugen Tape: "Driving Width" SOT279
"I have been involved in Quixtar for a few months and absolutely love my sponsors, who make no profit. I have been feeding off their belief from the beginning. I want to believe but just can't." IBO Site Visitor

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Site Visitor Feedback on "Belief"

Dear Scott,

I was recently presented with "the Plan" upon my request. I was interested in e-commerce and its potential. However, I told my Sponsor after leaving the meeting that it was very interesting, but I couldn't imagine committing to their "Plan" after that presentation. It was very vague and uninformative.

Also, I made the point to my Sponsor that I could do a very good job of promoting these products if I believed in them and wanted to know why I couldn't see the product before buying the kit. I said that I needed to be sure that the product I was promoting was high-quality. My Sponsor told me, "Then, you are in this for the wrong reasons." !!! Can you believe that this person wants me to blindly commit to a product for life without knowing what it is like or whether I like it or not!?

Also, I found their "take it on faith" idea to be hollow. You will be successful if you "believe." Believe in what!? No one could really give me any solid answers. I do care for the people who presented the idea to me, but I think they are seeing stars...who knows, maybe they will be that 2%.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you and let you know that your site gave me the facts I needed to make an EDUCATED decision, not a whimsical, dreamy one. I have contacted Amway with questions also, thanks to your links. Thank you again!


Educated in Ohio