Top Distributors in the Business Speak Out

"When you have emeralds and diamonds making 80% plus of their income of the "system" and less than 20% from Amway, there is something wrong and we can't be part of that." Dan Lorenzo-Former Diamond

Emerald Distributor Jeff Probst

EDC Louie Carrillo comments on my site

Resigned Diamond Bo Short

Diamond Loupelle - The secrets of a 23 month diamond

Diamond Distributor Dan Lorenzo

Diamond "Joe" - Caught on tape breaking the rules

Double Diamond Brig Hart

Emerald Gary Willcox debates the content of my site

Emerald Eric Scheibeler



Direct Distributors speak out



Questions to Pose - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

"..I tried to ask as many questions as possible before we signed up, but got unclear / smug answers and I didn't feel encouraged to ask any other questions" IBO Site Visitor

The business Questions list.

Are you Prepared?

Perform your own due diligence

Summary page of the most frequent misrepresentations.

How to politely say "no"

Rebuttals to standard propositions, and arguments.

A New Plan for Profitability

Amway Quixtar could be more profitable


If not Amway or Quixtar what else is there?

The Interpersonal Aspects of the Business

"As to the business aspects of this endeavor, if you analyze it like a business, and do not get emotionally caught up in it, like the AMO's want you to, you will see it clearly and not get involved." Platinum Direct, BS Accounting

Your Sponsor

Relationship Marketing

Obtaining Information

AmQuix as a Training Ground

Integrity and Ethics

Self Improvement System

The Tape and Seminar System


"This is more than a business. This is a way of life." Triple Diamond - Ron Puryear Tape: RP-889

Piles of Information and Analysis

Business Profitability Calculations
The 6-4-2 business plan, the negative sum game.

Competitive Analysis
Price studies, the 30% saving myth.

Learning from Other's Experiences

Business Overhead Costs

Quixtar Strategic Analysis

Recruiting, Psychology

Feedback Section

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