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Business Analysis of Quixtar's Year-End 2000 performance.

Amway is officially no longer "Debt Free"

Quixtar Income and Success Statistics

AmQuix is FTC approved?

 Take the IBO Profitability Challenge  Raw Data

IBO Profitability Challenge - Case Study #1

 How does WWDB respond to "Is it Amway?"
IBO Site Visitor Actual PV/BV/$ ratios Ronald McDonalds rebuttal to Forbes
Amway/Quixtar ompensation Schedule  Rebuttal to Greg Ducan's Private Franchising CD

  "Situational Ethics" - INA diamonds in conflict of interest? INA promotes an alternative to Quixtar's Amvox. What happened to Amway/Quixtar brand loyalty and buying from your own store?

Do you really own your Business? - How your Independent business can be taken away from you.

Quixtar and the Retail Sales Rule - Accounts of two IBOs show even Quixtar employees don't know the rules.

Other interesting Quotes.
Birdie Yager-Democrats are commies 32K.mp3  Diamond Bill Childers wants to shoot Kennedy with a 7 mm 18K.mp3



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