Recruiting, Psychology

The Typical Recruiting Scheme: What is happening when an old friend calls you out of the blue about a "business opportunity"? How they get people to join without even knowing anything about business, or the three "P's". Profitability, Product or Prices!

Setting up a meeting: Scripts from Distributor Training manuals

Distributor Psychology: Sigmund explains how they are hooked, what keeps them coming back:

The AmQuix Mind Trap: Sigmund explains why distributors blame themselves when the poor business fundamentals are the cause.

The AmQuix Paradox: Sigmund explains the major thing attracting people to Amway, also keeps the majority unprofitable.

The Amway Business Vehicle: Sigmund explains it is really selling hope and not soap.

The CON in Contacting: See what happens when distributors run out of friends and relatives to show the business.

The Few Good Things about AmQuix: You never hear this from a negative site.

Cultism Are the AQMOs commercial cults?

Marriages: Is Amway saving marriages?

Be Prepared Are you ready for what AmQuix really takes?

The Rut - the home to work, work to home, home to AmQuix rut.


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