Learning from Other's Experiences

Jeff Probst-Emerald Distributor Exposes the "Tools" Abuse in Amway

This is a great expose about the "real Amway" and how the real Ama-millionaires are made. Written by a high level insider! A MUST read!

Jeff (left) shown here with Dexter, the tape king and owner of Internet Services Corp.

Dan Lorenoz - Diamond Distributor Express his thoughts on the AQMO Systems

"When you have emeralds and diamonds making 80% plus of their income of the system and less than 20% from Amway, there is something wrong and we can't be part of that." Dan Lorenzo Diamond Distributor

Mr. Lorencz has the courage and integrity to point out the problems of the AQMO system costs.

Profit Sharing, Direct, and Founder's Direct Distributors Expresses their thoughts on the Business

WWDB Direct Distributor Shares his thoughts.

Amway Business Case Studies Learn from other's experiences just like the Harvard Business School, via case studies. Stories of distributors who showed the plan over 10 times/month and couldn't make the "plan" work. If you showed the plan 10 times/month or more for a year and didn't make it, have your story posted to help other people realize how much time, money, and effort Amway really takes. Read these to understand how much time and work Amway really takes in order to be one of the very few successful.

Distributors doing it right Email for distributors making money because they have retail sales.

10 Million former Amway distributors in North America? See the easy to do numbers

Eating Crow Previous site visitors and core distributors once told me how wrong I was, now they are saying thanks for my site.

Funny and interesting Quotes: From pro and con site visitors.

Is WWDB a nonprofit organization? Not according to the Secretary of Sate of Washington State! Click here for proof


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