23 Reasons why the Quixtar experience isn't Amway

"Quixtar is Amway... turbo-charged" Diamond Distributor - Bill Hawkins - Tape: "Prospecting for the 21st Century" RP863

"Who is going to succeed in this? From 1959 to 1985 when Amway was a door to door deal. The people who succeeded were the people who built friendships, who built a team, who built a sense of camaraderie. When it was door to door, those were the things that worked. In 1985 to the present. Who build this business? People who built relationships. It's the people who built a team, who created a sense of camaraderie. So what is Quixtar going to be? Quixtar...it's the same thing" Emerald Distributor-Todd Rainsberger-Tape: "Why Quixtar?"

"I've got to tell you some Amway distributors are doing the same stupid thing they did here (addition of catalog business), I saw them do here (addition of services business), I see them doing this right here right now (Quixtar). They have a Quixtar businss. They are in Quixtar. They are doing everything they can to hide the fact they have a foundation of Amway 2000. We (WWDB) are not going to make that mistake." Triple Diamond - Ron Puryear-Tape: "The goose that laid the golden egg" RP-887

  1. The Amway corporation included Quixtar sales in their consolidated sales for the year 2000.
  2. Quixtar line of sponsorships are using Amway data for their income claims.
  3. Quixtar distributors can have an Amway business and combine the sales for bonus purposes.
  4. Quixtar lines of sponsorship transferred intact from Amway.
  5. Quixtar and Amway use the same Sales and Marketing Plan.
  6. Quixtar distributes Amway catalogs to new Quixtar distributors.
  7. Both Amway and Quixtar distributors are termed "IBO"s.
  8. Quixtar and Amway are owned by the same families.
  9. Quixtar is the exclusive WEB distributor of Amway products.
  10. Quixtar and Amway utilize the same bonus schedule.
  11. Quixtar and Amway call their top distributors the same names: Diamond, Emerald, Platinum, etc.
  12. Amway distributors can sponsor new people as Quixtar distributors.
  13. Quixtar distributors can sponsor new people as Amway distributors.
  14. Quixtar and Amway share the same business rules.
  15. Quixtar and Amway use the same domain servers.
  16. Quixtar and Amway are both located in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan.
  17. Amway employees went to work for Quixtar.
  18. Quixtar utilizes Amway's distribution facilities.
  19. Amway and Quixtar distributors get the Amway magazine "Achieve".
  20. Quixtar and Amway are spelled differently.
  21. Quixtar pays you instead of your Amway upline
  22. When you call the Amway General Public Inquires line at 616-787-6000 you can get Quixtar information.
  23. When you write the Amway info line, you can get Quixtar information.

Did I leave any out?

 "This is not Amway on line. This is truly a different business model" John Parker-Amway Corporation-"Unveiling your future" PN2103


Why did they make Quixtar versus calling it Amway Online and keeping it in Amway?

  1. The Amway name was old and tarnished. Jay Leno was even making jokes about Amway distributors on TV.
  2. A tremendous portion of the value in any company is in its distribution system and network. Without the distributors, Amway is worthless. Since Rich and Jay are getting on in age, any estate taxes on the Amway business will be staggering. Quixtar is owned by the children of Rich and Jay. So in effect, a huge portion of the value of the Amway family business has been transferred to the children free of any estate taxes. Since the distributors via their own free will have transferred to Quixtar there is no taxable transaction. This is a tremendous coup and has saved the family millions in estate taxes!

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