The Amway Recruiting Process

The following is a brief description of the recruiting process.

First is the initial contact. An old friend calls you up, or a new acquaintance calls you saying that he has a business and is looking to expand in your area. My sponsor was a bartender in a local pub. Another guy struck up a conversation with me in a Burger King parking lot, no less, just because I had my college name on my car tags! I could tell he was an Amway distributor looking for another recruit so I played along and gave him my business card! He called me the next Sunday night. Now he wanted me to go into business with him. He was so impressed with me after a few minutes conversation with me in a Burger King parking lot!

See also "The "con" in Amway Contacting.


  1. After the initial contact they send you the 65-cent recruiting tape which cost them $6.50. When the tape, CD and literature is from "Internet Services Corp", or says "Interactive marketing" you can bet it's an "Amway/Quixtar products Distributor".
  2. Next they do the follow up after you listen to the tape. They make an appointment to show the "plan". You will be asked to "clear out your calendar". This makes it sound very important. This must be a real businessman to make such a demand of your time.
  3. During the plan they show you how you can save money buying your consumables, some will even say "commodities" through their network. They draw little circles that are your friends and neighbors, who will be the people you teach how to save money by purchasing goods and services through the Amway/Quixtar "buying club". As you recruit more people, your volume grows, and so will your bonus percentages.
  4. At the end of the "plan" they finally mention the "A" word (Amway) as being their "Servicing Company".
  5. Next they get you to a local hotel where an Emerald or Diamond shows the plan. This establishes a little more credibility since this guy quite his job, talks smoothly, and by his introduction "he could be any where in the Free World tonight", but he wants to share the great opportunity with you!
  6. At the hotel, you will be given front row seating. Your sponsor and other distributors will sit in the seats behind the new recruits. Even if distributors did not bring anyone new, the "go getters" are encouraged to attend the meeting anyway. Distributors typically pay $4/person to attend this meeting. The people already in will be in the back rows clapping and supporting the successful guy up front when he starts talking about the "dream".
  7. At the end of the meeting you will be taken up to meet the "successful" speaker. Here is a typical dialog: (courtesy of the book from Ruth Carter - "Behind the smoke and mirrors: Amway Motivational Organizations")
  8. (Setting: The end open meeting where the prospects are introduced to the "successful" speaker)

    "Hi Dave Emerald, this is Pete and Pam Prospect! Pete is flat turned on about this business. He really wants to get his wife home from her job, and he'd like to have a boat. Pete, Dave emerald has been tearing this thing up. He's a real winner, and we are lucky to have him here tonight."

    In turn Dave Emerald knows his lines. After chatting with Pete and Pam for minute or two about what kind of boat he would like to have, Dave will say, "Pete, you need to get back with Sam Sponsor here. Sam's a real winner, and he's become a wonderful student of the business. You can't do any better than to tie in with him. You need to set up a time to get back together with Sam so he can show the plan to some of your prospects. Have you made a list yet? No? Well, there's a tape you need to get...."

    Pete still has lots of questions, and he's not really sure he wants to get involved. But he doesn't want to disappoint Sam Sponsor, who believes he's excited, and after all, Sam Sponsor a real winner who can help Pete Succeed! Dave Emerald doesn't tell Pete that he has never met Sam Sponsor before. Or, if he actually does know Sam, he won't tell Pete that Sam Sponsor has been in the business for over a year and has not yet received a performance bonus check. They all act buddy-buddy, and Pete get the impression that his sponsor-to-be is really achieving great things in the Amway/Quixtar business, and can help him do the same.

  9. After the meeting, you are a little unsure this works. The successful guy, who quit his job, still lingers in your mind. Your mind races with the possibilities of the freedoms they described. Your sponsor, not wanting to let one slip away, suggests you take theses ten recruiting packages with tapes to give to your friends. Your sponsor also asks you for a list of real top-notch people you know.
    1. This is where your sponsor goes to work. They contact the people on the list you gave them. They need to use your name when calling to establish credibility. They are just tele-marketers using your name to keep from being hung up on. The list they obtain from you is nothing more than permission for Amway/Quixtar distributors to call your friends and use your name to establish their "credibility". Why don't Amway/Quixtar distributors contact like tele-marketers if the products, prices and service are so great?
    2. They call them and say, "Hi, Sargent Carter, my name is Brad Smith from Charleston, SC, a good friend of mine "Gomer Pyle" says that you are really sharp. I have an International distribution business which I am looking to expand in your area, and I was wondering if you would like to make a little extra money". Sargent Carter is thrilled that someone thinks "he is sharp" and asks for more information.

    3. Now go back to 2. And start the process all over.
  1. Sargent Carter might be interested. So Sargent Carter gives Brad a list of 6-10, really sharp people. Brad works on that list and finds, that Andy might be interested. Andy gives Brad a list and finds that Floyd is kind of interested. Floyd is unsure but gives Brad a list too. Brad finds that Goober is interested but unsure also. Goober gives Brad a list. Brad calls Aunt B telling her that he is a friend of Goobers' and that Goober said she was really sharp. Brad says, "Business associates of mine are looking to expand in the area where you live. Would you be interested in making a little extra money?" Brad shows the plan. He finds that Aunt B is fired up. She wants in right away. She knows six really sharp people that can become direct distributor and make her a Diamond distributor. She hasn't seen any catalogs, and prices, but it sounds like a great plan. If Brad tells her that people are making lots of money at this, why should she doubt him. He is the son of a preacher, and would not lead her astray. She has complete confidence in him. After all he is a friend of Goobers', and Goober wouldn't steer her wrong, so it has to be ok. Doesn't it? In this case Goober doesn't even know Brad other than by him approaching him about Amway.
  2. So Brad goes back to Goober. "Hey Goober, Aunt B wants in, do you want to be her sponsor or should I?" Goober says, "well golly!" I already got one, sign her up under me! He doesn't care about the products or the prices either. If he already has one person, why even care to look at that stuff.
  3. Brad goes back to Floyd. "Hey Floyd, Aunt B and Goober want in, do you want to be their sponsor or should I." Well Floyd can't believe this. "I already got two people! Sign me up", he says. He hasn't checked out any prices or products, but he is excited since he has two people now.
  4. Brad goes to Andy. "Hey Andy, Goober, Floyd, and Aunt B want in. Do you want to sponsor them or should I?" Andy is flabbergasted; "this thing really works". SIGN ME UP! Andy is excited; he has three people in, but hasn't checked one product or price!

Now after 1 month Brad gets back with Gomer. "Hey Gomer, Carter, Andy, Goober, Floyd and Aunt B all want in, do you want to sponsor them, or should I. Gomer says "SHAZAM, SHAZAM, SHAZAM, boy this thing really works. Sign me up." Gomer to this point has not done any research or studying, nor has he seen any products or prices. He too is excited to worry about those details because he has a leg built already for him by his upline.

By giving them a list they will try to build a downline for you with or without your knowledge. The most important thing you give them is YOUR credibility with your friends. They will tell your friends that you recommended them for consideration in the business. By contacting your friends, and their friends they are trying to prove to you how easy it is to grow the business, and give you some quick confirmation that it works. This defines "works" on a recruiting basis and not a net profit basis. From a microscopic view it would seem to work very well when people are brand new to the business. Looking around they see a lot of new people. What you never see as a new person are the people who are leaving the business. There is lots of fanfare when people join. There is no fanfare when a distributor quits. It is hushed up to anyone downline. This is why statistics on distributor counts and retention rates are so important. This provide the "macroscopic" view of the business to see how as a whole the "market" accepts this business and method of distribution.

Just last Thursday my Fiancee dragged me to this Quixstar business meeting. He told me that he had a qualifying interview and that they wanted him to come to the meeting. The meeting had a lot to do with all the money you could make. Like the more people that you get to become an IBO the more money you make.

At least that was the jist. Then they wanted us to come to what they called a "breakout" meeting where we were selected to be part of the "team." Which I was only there to steak out the joint, and make sure my fiancee's not joining some scam, now they were trying to get ME involved. THEN, now this all happened within three days giving us NO TIME to decide what was going on, we met with our personal group to talk about the

"Phone tag" system where every Sunday were supposed to get together with our group and call a bunch of our friends that we feel would be "good business owners" and try to get them to join. And the vicious cycle is to go on and on....

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