Questions to ask

"I am afraid to trust in people I hardly know, without hard evidence of the successes that they have supposedly achieved" IBO Site Visitor from Australia

You have been asked if you want to get into a business. Here is your opportunity to ask some business questions and obtain some real data. Don't be embarrassed or shy. Ask these questions at the open meeting so everyone can learn at the same time. The high level distributor is in a better position to know these answers, or get them for you than is your sponsor, who might have just joined himself. These are business questions for a business opportunity. It is your time and money at stake. Be careful to notice how many times your questions are answered with questions. This is a age old tactic taught in the business.

  1. Will you give me catalogs and distributor price lists, or get me on the Quixtar WEB site so that I can review distributor cost before I buy a kit and join? 
  2. What is the average PV/distributor in your group? Can you log in with me on your account to view your line of sponsorship?
  3. What is the renewal rate of IBOs in your group?
  4. Can we log into your Quixtar account to see how many members and clients you have been able to sign up and to see how much they actually purchase?
  5. I would like to know how much money I might have to spend the first year on my business, so that I can plan my finances. People have told me about books, tapes, seminars, AMVOX, travel, recruiting tapes, postage, web hosting, web access etc. How much does this add up to, if I follow your system? What are the normal and customary yearly overhead costs of running an Quixtar distributorship by your "success system"?  Can I see your tax return to see your actual expenses?
  6. If I decided the Amway/Quixtar business is not for me, what is your refund policy for the books, tapes and seminars I have purchased from you? How much will I get back? How long do I have to return them? Who is supposed to make the actual refund and whom do I contact if a refund is not forthcoming? Can I get full price for tapes if the shrink-wrap is no longer on them?
  7. Can I earn a commission on selling tapes or books? At what level can I participate? How much is the commission? 
  8. Can I earn a commission on ticket sales to rallies, and weekend events? What are the typical commission rates? What level do I need to be in order to qualify for a commission?
  9. Can I earn a commission from hotel reservations and bus tickets of my downline to weekend functions? What are the typical commission rates? What level do I need to be in order to qualify for a commission?
  10. If I do not buy books, tapes and seminars from my upline, will you still support my business by showing plans?
  11. Can I see the contract for participation in the tools business? If there is no contract, what guarantee do I have that I will even get paid for tools sales?
  12. If I follow your "success system", working as hard as you have at your business, then knowing your reported profit from the business, I can plan my personal finances. Are you currently reporting a profit to the IRS with your Amway/Quixtar distributorship? May I see the last three years of your 1040 schedule C's for the business? Can I see copies of the direct distributors schedule C's?
  13. Can I see your planner or electronic calendar to see how much time you really spend on the business?
  14. What is the distributor retention rate in this line of sponsorship? Quixtar reports that just over 50% renew, and 66% of first year IBOs do not renew. I want to be in a line that is able to attract and keep new distributors
  15. In your downline what was the total sales of tapes, books, seminars, and LOS system related tools last year? In your downline what was the total BV your group did last year? I ask these questions to see if people are spending more money on the "system" than they receive in Quixtar bonuses.

Devil's Advocate Questions to pose

  • Ho much money are they really making, and how much time do you spend on the biz? Take a look at all their tax returns and their planner.
  • Are people shopping or being pressured to buy stuff just to meet their some PV? How many cases of coffee have you got in your basement?
  • Are system goals more important than PV goals? Why do the systems have awards for people who recruit more people on the system then they have awards for actual sales of Quixtar products? Is your upline using you to move Quixtar products or their tools systems?
  • Honesty and integrity are the supposed foundations of the business. Yet those IBOs claiming to have paid no taxes or even to have claimed huge tax refunds are either not making any money or they are cheating on their taxes!
  • Does the business really free people from their jobs or have they just replaced their job with another that has more risk?
  • Does the business really allow the leaders more time with their families?
  • How much money is each IBO spending on the business building system in comparison to what they are taught to self-consume? Does it make sense to reproduce a business model that has average sales of $200-$250 in sales per month, yielding a gross profit of about $83/month, yet with system expenses of $175/month?
  • If the prices are so good why don't they sell more retail to friends and neighbors, and not just try to get other people to change their buying habits?
  • If the business is so great and profitable, why are excessive amounts of motivational tapes and functions needed to keep people going? If the business were so good, how come the profits alone don't keep people motivated about growing the business?
  • If the business is so good, why must they rely on recruiting through people you know? Could it be that because of an introduction through a friend that it gives it some credibility, and people drop their guard? If a total stranger approached you with such a proposal, would you place the same amount of belief in what he says than if a friend of yours did the referral? Are you letting down your guard just because the message has come through a friend? How do you know your friend has even checked it out? He might have been just introduced to it himself also! He could be passing along only what he was told! Have you ever passed along a rumor only to find out it wasn't true? Isn't that embarrassing to find out later what you said was untrue? How do you really know you are being told the truth?

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