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Amway Postma Memo- Amway Exec. says tool systems are illegal

RICO Law Expert - Comparison of Amway methods to organized crime

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LawBlog - legal News and opinions about MLM and pyramid schemes

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Merchants of Deception - Amway Emerald Eric Scheibeler's book
Merchants of Deceptionbuy a copy

Blakey Report - RICO author compares methods of organized crime to that of Amway
Postma Memo - 1983 memo from Amway executive opines tools business is illegal.
Dateline NBC Web Page on May 7th, 2004 show. What Dateline did not tell...
The missing side of the story
Small Business Administration Statistics - Business Failures (you can't find the 95% failure rate IBOs claim!)
Eleven common causes of small business failure
The state of small business - The report to the President 1999-2000
Small business survival rates - An Advocacy study of employer business starts from 1989 and 1992 finds that 66.0 percent of businesses remained open at least 2 years, 49.6 percent at least 4 years, and 39.5 percent at least 6 years.
Small business survival rates - Startup Journal from the Wall Street Journal
Redefining Business Success -   the difference between failure and closure - Brian Headd SBA

Quixtar SA4400 -2001 35 K .pdf
Amway Quixtar Historical Sales/Bonus Data 42K .html

Quixtar Rules Sep 2005 (Compendium)  2,384K
Quixtar Rules Feb 2003 (Compendium) 3,174K
Quixtar Rules 2002 (Compendium) 511K
Quixtar Rules 2000 (Compendium) 871K
Quixtar Member/Client Rule (retail sales rule) 24K
Quixtar BSMMA (Tools arbitration agreement) 25K

Quixtar 2002-2003 Sales Incentive Plan 118K .pdf
Quixtar 2001-2002 Sales Incentive Plan 141K .pdf
Quixtar 2000-2001 Sales Incentive Plan 61K .pdf

Quixtar Founders Awards Program 2000-2001 14K .pdf
Amvox Pricing 30K .pdf
Quixtar 2000 Sales Incentive Plan

Transcripts of Rich DeVos - Directly Speaking Tapes 1983 83K.html
"Private Franchising" Review Instruction sheet. 350K .pdf file
WWDB 300PV Home 169K .pdf file
1987 WWDB Function Commission schedule 248K .pdf file

TL-424 Business Plan Overview 425K .html file
Britt WorldWide Slide of Quixtar incomes. 93K .html file

Registration form for a Quixtar Conference - $429, single $587 double 25K .pdf file
Registration form for another Quixtar Conference - $429, single $587 double 25K .pdf file

Amway Asia Pacific 1999 Annual Report 97K .pdf
Amway Japan 1999 Annual Report 92K .pdf
IDA Australia Tools Compensation Schedule .html file
Team In Focus Tools Compensation Schedule .html file

Press Releases
Quixtar Year 2000 Results 25 K .pdf ($143 million on $513 million in sales)
Quixtar First Year 25K ..pdf
Quixtar Year 2001 Results 4K .html

Magazine Articles
Fortune Magazine

Fortune Magazine June 25, 2001
Forbes Magazine
Forbes: Cleaning up? March 25, 1985
Forbes: The Power of Positive Inspiration December 9, 1991
Scan of Forbes articleScan of Article
Forbes: Jun 2001 Article

The Rationalist: The death of gut instinct - From SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) website
60 Minutes TV Show - Soap and Hope

Rich DeVos on Donahue
Analysis of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Book and author
Robert Kiyosaki and the Quixtar connection
USA Today 5/11/99
USA today Article

AUS Lawsuit Archive last updated 2/2002
Diamond Distributor Fish Deposition 142K .pdf file
Last days of the Amway v. P&G, Schwartz suit

Database of Diamond Distributors in Excel Spreadsheet 109K .xls file in zip format
Distributor count estimates for the North America excel spreadsheet 9K .xls file in zip format
Amway Prices/PV/BV in excel spreadsheet 290K .xls file in zip format Includes Quixtar partner stores

Amway Quixtar Classic Sound bites

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Butthead and Beavis go Direct

Butthead and Beavis open meeting

Ziggy -Amway newspaper cartoon

Dexter with $1 million cash

Dog showing plan cartoon

Dexter Yager and Bert

WWDB'ers learn the source of Riches

Comic - MLM'er won't take no

Tapes sold on Ebay

Triple Diamond - Rick Setzer -1985 Amway 1099 - $139,356. Their business generated income of $1 million/year

Dexter Yager's Checks - certainly not the tens of millions people are led to believe
1995 Checks $2,404,150
1993 Emerald Bonus Check $156,360.98
1993 Emerald Bonus Check (Canada) $10,057.97
1993 Diamond Bonus Check $341,520.59
1993 Diamond Bonus Check (Canada) $19,278.13
1993 EDC Bonus Check $153,900.00
1993 Founders Bonus Check $150,000.00

To estimate Mr. Yager's total income, we have to include his leadership and depth bonuses as well. Here we can only estimate them. According to the Amway SA4400 data, if Mr. Yager had earned the maximum ever recorded ruby ($2,230/month), leadership ($15,810/month) and depth bonuses ($16,834/month), ($34,874/month) for all twelve months, there would have been an additional $418,500, for a total of $1.249 Million. Mr. Yager's personal performance bonus is not included as it will be tiny compared to all of these mentioned.

Fred Harteis 1997 Checks $232,488.

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